Details of the Next Live ‘n’ Lounging Featuring The Bollands, The Campervan Dancers, Kay Proudlove and Huckleberry Hastings

Kay Proudlove
Image Courtesy of Kay Proudlove

I love what the people behind Live ‘n’ Lounging have created. In Sydney so much of the music scene is concentrated in the inner city and surrounding suburbs, and if you head out to the suburbs it can be a live music wasteland.

But Live ‘n’ Lounging bucks this trend, bringing some of the best singer-songwriters and bands to the Macarthur region into an intimate, house concert environment.

And this month is no different with an absolutely cracking lineup featuring New Zealand folk duo The Bollands, Sydney stalwarts The Campervan Dancers, singer-songwriter Kay Proudlove (above) and dark-folk singer Huckleberry Hastings. The next Live ‘n’ Lounging takes place on Sunday 13th September and is just $10 on the door.

For more information on Live ‘n’ Lounging including how to get your hands on tickets and the night’s actual location check out the official Facebook event here.


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  1. September 4, 2015 at 15:34

    […] – The September Live ‘n’ Lounging will feature The Bollands, The Campervan Dancers, Kay Proudlove and Huckleberry Hastings. Details here […]

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