Sam Amidon Releases Album of Home Recordings

Sam Amidon
Image Courtesy of Sam Amidon

Last week American folk singer Sam Amidon released his album Home Alone Inside My Head with almost no fanfare. The album features field recordings but in true Sam Amidon fashion he’s collected them from himself, recording them in his New York apartment.

“It was recorded onto my trusty Marantz tape recorder, mostly at my apartment in Yonkers NY, over the course of winter/spring 2002,” Sam Amidon explained. “I went on a long kayak ride in the northern seas and came back with the idea to make Home Alone Inside My Head. I carried the tape recorder around wherever I went, and made these self-induced field recordings as they emerged from inside. The first song, “Sally Gal,” is a fiddle tune that was first recorded by a Black fiddle player named Will Adam. Most of the other pieces were improvised/composed by myself with a couple other exceptions, including the track where I play along with some women singing; that one is a field recording of Ottawa Indians singing a melody that I had first heard in an old old Shape Note hymn.”

Stream the entirety of Home Alone Inside My Head below:

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  1. September 4, 2015 at 15:33

    […] – Sam Amidon released an album of home recordings titled Home Alone Inside My Head. Details here […]

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