Watch the New Joanna Newsom Video “Sapokanikan” from Her Upcoming Album Divers

Joanna Newsom
Image Courtesy of Joanna Newsom

After five years since her last LP, anti-folk singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom has finally revealed that she will be releasing her new album Divers on the 23rd October this year.

The album announcement also comes with the Paul Thomas Anderson directed video “Sapokanikan” which has the internet swooning.

The full track listing for Divers and the video for “Sapokanikan” is below:

1. Anecdotes
2. Sapokanikan
3. Leaving the City
4. Goose Eggs
5. Waltz of the 101st Lightborne
6. The Things I Say
7. Divers
8. Same Old Man
9. You Will Not Take My Heart Alive
10. A Pin-Light Bent
11. Time, As a Symptom

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  1. August 21, 2015 at 15:55

    […] – Anti-folk hero Joanna Newsom released her new video “Sapokanikan” from her upcoming album Divers. Details here […]

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