Bluegrass @ Yulli’s For August 2015

Dear Orphans
Image Courtesy of Dear Orphans

This month’s Bluegrass @ Yulli’s looks like it’s going to be something pretty special. The regular Sydney jam and intimate gig night will host its August show on Wednesday 19th August at Yulli’s in Surry Hills.

As always the night will kick off at 6pm with a jam where everyone is invited to bring down their banjo, guitar, mando and fiddle to join in. The jam gives players of every skill level the chance to play with some of the cities best.

From 8pm this time around we’ll be treated with not one, but two feature artists in the intimate surrounds of Yulli’s. First up are local legends Dear Orphans (above) bringing their down to earth folk, country and bluegrass music to the Yulli’s audience. And then we’ll be treated to North NSW based English singer-songwriter Ben Wilson who Timber and Steel readers may know as one of the rotating members of The Button Collective.

If you’re in Sydney I can’t recommend Bluegrass @ Yulli’s enough. For more details check out the official Facebook event here.

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  1. August 14, 2015 at 16:37

    […] – Bluegrass @ Yulli’s is this Wednesday and features Dear Orphans and Ben Wilson. Details here […]

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