Timber and Steel Premiere: Packwood’s New Single “We Drink Light”

Image Courtesy of Packwood

Another day, another premiere! We’re so proud to bring you “We Drink Light”, the brand new single from Melbourne based chamber-folk artist Packwood. Before I go on you have to start listening to this right now:

“We Drink Light” is the first single taken from Packwood’s upcoming EP Vernal, the third in his four part seasonal epic album series Vertumnus. The track is the embodiment of the spring to come, bursting forth with orchestra and choir performances that have become Packwood’s trademark. You can pick it up already on iTunes here.

Vernal is scheduled for release on the 1st September and follows on from Packwood’s recent releases Autumnal and Hibernal. The full track listing is below:

1. We Drink Light
2. How Many Rivers
3. Hollow
4. Another Day Spent
5. My Fair Life

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  1. August 14, 2015 at 16:37

    […] – We premiered the new Packwood single “We Drink Light” from his upcoming EP Vernal. Details here […]

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