Listen to the New Bill Jackson Double A Side “Try/Somebody’s Darlin'”

Bill Jackson
Image Courtesy of Bill Jackson

Melbourne alt-country singer-songwriter Bill Jackson has just released his new double A-side single “Try/Somebody’s Darlin'”, the first taste of his upcoming album The Wayside Ballads Vol 1. Take a listen below:

Jackson provided a breakdown of both songs via his Facebook:


“Information travels fast these days. So much is going on and so many good, hardworking people are trying to stem the tide of so many things that are at risk. The party goes on amidst a soundtrack of confusion. This was written against the backdrop of the ‘Occupy’ movement.”

“Somebody’s Darlin'”

“I guess everybody wants to be somebody’s darlin’ – we live in insecure times and more than ever people are lost in a search for self worth, where self image is challenged at every turn – ‘ lookin’ at that misty rainbow wonderin’ where it hides it’s soul’.”

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  1. March 27, 2015 at 15:56

    […] – Bill Jackson released his new Double A side “Try/Somebody’s Darlin'” online. Details here […]

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