Listen to the New Mumford & Sons Single “Believe”

Mumford and Sons
Image Courtesy of Mumford & Sons

By now you’ve probably heard the new Mumford & Sons track “Believe” and you’ve no doubt formed an opinion on it. I’ve ready everything from “Mumford goes Coldplay” to “bring back the banjo” but very little about the track itself.

When Mumford & Sons released their second album Babel they were chastised for doing too much of the same. Now that their new album is very obviously heading away from the folk sound of their first two offerings they’re being chastised again. It’s the age old conundrum that every artist faces – you’re expected to grow musically but not too much.

I’ve listened to “Believe” a number of times since it’s release and I like it for what it is – a rock epic in the vein of Coldplay, Snow Patrol or The Killers. Marcus Mumford’s voice is front and centre here and I think the wailing electric guitar solo works really well.

Sure I’m a little sad that there’s no banjos and mandos in the track and that they’ve been replaced with drums and electric guitars. But this doesn’t diminish everything the band has achieved so far and I’m still excited to hear what else Wilder Mind has to offer.

If you haven’t heard “Believe” yet take a listen below:

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  1. March 20, 2015 at 15:14

    […] – Mumford and Sons released their new video “Believe” and I provided my thoughts. Details here […]

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