William Elliott Whitmore Announces New Album

William Elliott Whitmore
Image Courtesy of William Elliot Whitmore

Timber and Steel readers would probably best know William Elliot Whitmore for his soft folk songs accompanied by banjo or acoustic guitar, but for his brand new album, Radium Death, Whitmore has picked up the electric guitar and gone down the full-band route.

Radium Death is due for release on the 31st March. The first track is “Healing To Do” which William Elliot Whitmore released to stream last week – take a listen below:

The full track listing for Radium Death is here:

1. Healing to Do
2. Civilizations
3. Trouble in Your Heart
4. A Thousand Deaths
5. Go On Home
6. Don’t Strike Me Down
7. Can’t Go Back
8. South Lee County Brew
9. Have Mercy
10. Ain’t Gone Yet

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  1. March 6, 2015 at 15:06

    […] – William Elliott Whitmore has picked up the electric guitar for his new album Radium Death. Details here […]

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