Full Details of the New Joe Pug Album Windfall

Image Courtesy of Joe Pug

American indie-folk singer Joe Pug will be releasing his highly anticipate new album Windfall on the 3rd April this year.

“The aim on this one was very straightforward,” Pug explained. “We wanted to capture the music just the way we play it, with minimal production. It was a very back to basics approach because ultimately that’s what I love about music, and that’s what I love about making music. I wanted to record these songs the way they were written and put them out in the world.”

We’ve already heard the first single from the album, “If Still It Can’t Be Found” which I’ve embedded again below along with the full track listing:

1. Bright Beginnings
2. Veteran Fighter
3. Stay and Dance
4. The Measure
5. Great Hosannas
6. Burn and Shine
7. O My Chesapeake
8. Windfallen
9. Pair of Shadows
10. If Still It Can’t Be Found

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  1. February 27, 2015 at 15:05

    […] – We got full details of the new Joe Pug album Windfall. Details here […]

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