The Woodford Files: Miami Marketta and Rabbit Radio (Gold Coast)

Rabbit Radio
Image Courtesy of Rabbit Radio

Bill Quinn’s Overheard Productions title is about many things, but mostly about the chance slivers of conversation or even a word or two that leads to a new discovery.

Standing in The Duck at The Chef’s Table, waiting on a plate full of life-giving nachos, Bill chanced to hear and then see Joey Channon, the stage manager at The Duck for the morning and early afternoon sessions, and had his interest piqued by Joey’s t-shirt (Rabbit Radio).

Two days later, and Bill and Joey were seated in the most salubrious of surrounds (on the slippery slope at the back of the gent’s toilets next to The Duck and The Travelling Sisters‘ caravan), chatting about performance spaces, and radio, and grass roots music development.

Oh, shivers up and down the spine. Be still, my irregularly beating heart!

Joey isn’t performing at Woodford per se, but you can enjoy his seamless stage management at The Duck from 8am to 1pm every day, including the Poets Breakfasts and some of the finest acoustic and folkie acts getting around on the precinct.

It’s almost enough to make you want to move to Queensland!

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