Sam Amidon Announces Details of His New Album Lily-O

Sam Amidon
Image Courtesy of Sam Amidon

We’re huge fans of folk-singer Sam Amidon so got pretty excited when we heard there’s a new album on the way. Amidon has a very unique way of re-imagnining traditional and contemporary songs and it looks like the new album will be more of the same.

Titled Lily-O the new album was recorded in Reykjavik alongside jazz guitarist Bill Frisell, bassist Shahzad Ismaily and drummer Chris Vatalaro and is due for release on the 30th September.

“I decided to put us all in a room together in Reykjavik for a few days,” Amidon Explained. “I knew if I got Bill together with those guys they would get into a deep situation. I imagined that we would do something weird and fiddle-based, but when we got in there it just felt great to sing the songs I had gathered. Recording took about four days. I’d teach them the basic structure of the song; we’d do a few takes, and move on to a new one. There’s maybe one or two overdubs but otherwise you’re hearing what we played.”

Check out the first cut from Lily-O, “Walkin’ Boss”, below:

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  1. August 15, 2014 at 16:48

    […] – Sam Amidon has announced details of his new album Lily-O as well as the first single “Walkin’ Boss”. Details here […]

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