Listen to the New Turtle & Fox Track “Im A Sardine”

Turtle and Fox
Image Courtesy of Turtle & Fox

Turtle & Fox are a brother-sister duo out of Melbourne that are producing some really deceptively sweet indie-folk. Dan Rawlins has been a stalwart of the Melbourne scene for a while and has teamed with his younger sister Shireen Rawlins on the Turtle & Fox project.

Their new single is “I’m a Sardine”, recorded in their home studio in south-eastern Melbourne.

“Whether I like it or not, “I’m a Sardine” was definitely brewing with in my sub-conscious, dealing with feelings of futility and helplessness on the back of some extremely frustrating health complications,” Dan Rawlins explains. “I was grappling with a way to explore the different coping mechanisms that people develop to deal with tough times. Once the lyrical concept of utilising animal based metaphors popped into my head the rest was easy and I wrote the entire song in one sitting down on Elwood beach.”

Take a listen to “I’m a Sardine” from Turtle & Fox below:

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  1. August 1, 2014 at 15:33

    […] – Melbourne duo Turtle & Fox have released their brand new single “I’m A Sardine”. Details here […]

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