Stream The New Starboard Cannons Album The Valiant and the Brave

Starboard Cannons
Image Courtesy of Starboard Cannons

We get so many submissions from artists that are influenced by American, British, Irish or European folk music that when one floats passed our inbox that takes Australian folk music as its starting point we sit up and take notice. And if that music is actually good, then we’re going to rush and put it up on Timber and Steel.

Starboard Cannons are a duo from Mullumbimby in Northern NSW who describe their music and alt-folk Australiana. Borrowing generously from the various traditions that inform traditional Australian music and giving them a contemporary twist, Starboard Cannons make some pretty special music.

The new album from Starboard Cannons is The Valiant and the Brave, their first since their 2012 debut Somebody’s Opus. The album was engineered and co-producer Jordan Power and features a wealth of guest musicians including Sara Tindley, Ash Grunwald, Jason Caspen (The Remains), Grant Gerathy (John Butler Trio), Steve Cook (The Barleyshakes), Mikey Bee (MT Warning), Colin O’Reilly (Vinnie LaDuce) and many more.

If that sounds good to you, you can stream the entirety of The Valiant and the Brave below:


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    […] – We have a stream of the new Starboard Cannons album The Valiant and the Brave. Details here […]

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