Paper Aeroplanes Announce New EP and Video

Paper Aeroplanes
Image Courtesy of Paper Aeroplanes

Timber and Steel contributing editor KT Bell spent a bunch of time in the UK last year and came back with a swag of new favourite bands. Near the top of that list was “emo-folk” duo Paper Aeroplanes – and we’re super stoked she introduced them to the rest of us.

Having released their full length album Little Letters last year, Paper Aeroplanes are backing up with a new EP, Circus, due on the 10th February. The EP consists of 5 songs in including a couple of remixes by Ersatz – check out the track listing below:

1. Circus
2. Ribbons
3. Same Mistakes (Piano Version)
4. When the Windows Shook (Ersatz remix)
5. At The Altar (Ersatz Remix)

The title track of the EP, “Circus”, also has a brand new video. Paper Aeroplanes guitarist Richard Llewellyn said of the track: “Circus has become one of the fans’ favourites at our shows. It’s the song we finish our set with and has always occupied a strong place in our hearts. Lyrically, the song takes an inside look at the struggles of a musician, trying to make ends meet, and make personally satisfying music, in the face of an industry that can be unforgiving, baffling and wearisome. But, as is often the case with our music, PA fans seem to have found their own various meanings within the song. It’s those often beautiful, personal reactions and interpretations that keep us writing, performing and searching for our next favourite song.”

Watch “Circus” below:

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  1. January 31, 2014 at 14:31

    […] – UK duo Paper Aeroplanes released their new video for “Circus” along with details of their new EP. Details here […]

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