Micah P Hinson Announces Christmas EP for the Yellow Bird Project

Micah P Hinson
Image Courtesy of Micah P. Hinson

You know we’re a sucker for a Christmas release here at Timber and Steel, especially when that release is for a good cause. This year Texan folk singer Micah P. Hinson has announced plans to release an EP of Christmas songs for the Yellow Bird Project.

The EP is titled Wishing for a Christmas Miracle and is available to pre-order exclusively from the Yellow Bird Project with all proceeds going towards a children’s home in Keller, Texas. The full tracklisting is below:

1. Silent Night Reprise
2. Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)
3. Silent Night
4. Leaning on The Everlasting Arms
5. Silent Night (Wall-Gaze Remix)

To order the EP and for more information check out the Yellow Bird Project here.

Below is an open letter from Micah P. Hinson about the Wishing for a Christmas Miracle project:

It rarely ever snowed where i was raised, out there in the desert of Texas. maybe when i was a tiny little lad, but without the white blanket being spread out on the rolling plains before my tiny eyes, it was the Music that pulled the Spirit of Christmas into the Hinson Household. Whether it was listening to blistering echoes of “Baby, Please Come Home” by the genius of the Spector crew, the calm and serene “Aspen Glow” of John Denver, or the general mayhem of ‘A Bananza Christmas’ with Little Joe and Haus; Music was everywhere, and in my child mind, it was just as good as snow. The only down side is that i couldn’t sled down songs, or maybe i could, just in a different way. there was a top, a middle and a bottom and the Christmas Spirit surrounded me at every twist and turn.

There was movement. On Christmas Eve my family and i would lay out sugar cookies and a glass of milk for Santa Claus. i remember thinking, “no wonder he is such a jolly fella; cookies down every fireplace.” then the restless night, the intent listening, as if waiting for a thief, then the sun coming up and into my window, and suddenly my brother and i running down the hall to see what Santa had left for us.

He always left something; no matter how big or small, letting us know he had been there for us. He had thought of us. He didn’t forget us. That was a special moment. That moment of knowing, or thinking, that someone i had never known had taken the time out of his sleigh-riding adventures to stop there at my little house there out in the middle of nowhere Texas and leave me something i didn’t deserve.

Santa had thought of me and had wanted to make me happy. It was a gift without a gift. It was a thought. It was his attention.

So now, as i am getting older in years, day after day, and as every Christmas passes me by, i still put on those old records and know that there was someone thinking of me, caring about me, and wanting me to be as happy as life would allow. it is, and was, an unforgettable feeling.

Now it is my turn to let others know that they are remembered and they are loved on each and every Christmas Season that passes them by. i have put Time, Care, and Love into these Recordings; each meaning a great deal to me throughout my life, and now i give them to you, dear reader, oh dear listener. These Songs are for You.

Each year, you can pull them out of their sleeves, put them on the spinning wheel and know that, whether there is snow, or merriment, or sadness and loneliness, i am there wishing you all the Love the World can bear to give you. Every year it will be my reminder to you that you are astoundingly important. The World would not be the same without You.

So as this Christmas Season approaches, know that there are others, such as the children at Christ Haven, a home for children in Keller, Texas, that need to know that they are Loved and Remembered, as all the money from this Project will be going right into their hands. whether they are fed with it, driven with it, or sent to school, the money we give as humanity will help them know that they are loved, even by strangers, as in truth we are not strangers at all.

We are One; all under the twinkling Tree, thinking of the Ones we have Loved and Ones that have Loved us. This is my gift to you.

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  1. November 29, 2013 at 11:31

    […] – Micah P. Hinson is releasing a charity Christmas EP, Wishing for a Christmas Miracle, with the Yellow Bird Project. Details here […]

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