The Gulgong Folk Festival Reveals 2013 Program

Daniel Champagne
Image Courtesy of Daniel Champagne

The Gulgong Folk Festival has made a number of changes for its 2013 event. Firstly it’s slightly earlier, taking place from the 28th to 29th December. Secondly the entire festival is free. That’s right – absolutely free! And best of all the festival has just revealed it’s program with some pretty exciting acts playing over the two days.

The festival boasts a bunch of local and national talent as part of lineup including (but not limited to) Big Erle, Caitlin Harnett, Daniel Champagne (above), Fig Jam, James Thomson, Melanie Horsnell, Richard Lawson and many many more.

This festival was a highlight of the season for us last year and we can’t recommend the event enough. For more information including the full program check out the official site here. The full lineup of artists are below:

Allan Caswell, Andi Paine, Big Erle, Brothers 3, Caitlin Harnett, Cal Makin, Cletis Carr, Daniel Champagne, Des Kelly, Euripi, Fig Jam, Fleur Wiber, Glenn Skarratt, Hobo Grace, James Thomson, Jess Holland, Jimmy Westwood, Jo Ransom, Matt Southon, Melanie Horsnell, Mick Fetch, Nick Wall, Pink Fraud, Ray Hall, Richard Lawson, Richie Gudgeon, Rob Binks, Ross Kurtz, Sam Smith, Southerly Change, Steve Gilmore, Sweet Jelly Rolls, The Pegs, Violet Nights


  1. November 20, 2013 at 15:50

    […] Timber and Steel have been a great supporter of myself and the festival for 3 years now and every time I see their posts on me they give me a chill up the spine […]

  2. November 22, 2013 at 14:39

    […] – The Gulgong Folk Festival have revealed their 2014 program including Big Erle, Caitlin Harnett, Daniel Champagne, Fig Jam, James Thomson, Melanie Horsnell and Richard Lawson. Details here […]

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