New Buffalo Tales Single “Puppet Strings”

Buffalo Tales
Image Courtesy of Buffalo Tales

By now you’ve no doubt heard the awesome new album from Buffalo Tales, Roadtrip Confessions, and possibly even seen the man himself live as he’s toured the country for Timber and Steel. If you haven’t we’ve got another taste for you with the brand new Buffalo Tales single “Puppet Strings” now streaming online.

When we interviewed Buffalo Tales, AKA Wes Carr, in July he made it clear that “Puppet Strings” is not necessarily about his experience working with a major record label. “It’s really a comment on general society,” Carr explaned. “I can only write from my own experience and my own thoughts and opinions. It’s more of a comment about how people are coaxed into this way of life that they think they should be – they’ve got to get the top job because Dad’s going to be proud of me or whatever. But really inside they want to travel or do something. I think everybody has a certain thing that they’ve had to compromise to fit into a certain pigeon hole.”

Take a listen to “Puppet Strings” below:

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  1. August 30, 2013 at 13:30

    […] – The latest single from Buffalo Tales is “Puppet Strings”. Details here […]

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