Attention Double Bass Players! Get Involved in Liz Frencham’s Crowd Sourced Video

Liz Frencham
Image Courtesy of Liz Frencham

Attention Double Bass Players: The folk scene’s favourite bassist Liz Frencham needs your help for her latest video.

Frustrated with constantly being told that she should have chosen a smaller instrument Frencham has done what any self respecting muso would do and written a song about it called “That’s a Big Guitar”. And for the video she’s decided to crowd-source the footage from her fellow frustrated bass players.

What she’s after is five second clips humourously demonstrating the difficulties inherent in playing an instrument of its size – think transportation, storage, playing, etc. The clips can be iPhone quality if that’s all you’ve got – as long as they’ve got bass. Submissions for videos close on the 18th December.

You can upload your videos, check out other videos and read the lyrics of “That’s a Big Guitar” over at Liz Frencham’s Facebook group here.

I guess next time I see Liz I should refrain from using the “how do you fit that under your chin” joke I normally use with bass players…

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  1. October 26, 2012 at 13:15

    […] – Liz Frencham is looking for double bass players to send her videos of how difficult it is playing such a large instrument for the clip to her next song. Details here […]

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