Billygoat & The Mongrels Announce Debut Album Details

Billygoat & The Mongrels
Image Courtesy of Billygoat & The Mongrels

We have such as a soft spot for Sydney country-folk band Billygoat & The Mongrels. These guys make the kind of music I grew up listening to in smokey folk clubs and regional folk festivals. Billygoat & The Mongrels make rollicking folk music for the people by the people.

Their debut album, Big City Low, is set to be released on the 1st October and we have the full track listing here:

1. She Died at 25 in a Hotel on the Gold Coast
2. Things Gone Wrong
3. Big City Low
4. Dance like a Baby Deer
5. Dry Sunshine
6. Marie
7. Goin’ Back there Again
8. Janey
9. Telephone Song

To launch Big City Low Billygoat & The Mongrels will be taking over The Sandringham Hotel in Sydney on the 5th October and their bringing a bunch of their mates with them. Supporting the band will be Frank Sultana & The Sinister Kids, Roland K Smith & The Sinners and Andy Golledge, with the launch being Billygoat & The Mongrels’ first headlining show in over a year. Make sure you get down to this one – it’s going to be a fantastic night of live folk music.

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  1. September 14, 2012 at 15:34

    […] – Billygoat & the Mongrels will be launching their new album Big City Low in Sydney on the 5th October. Details here […]

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