Podcast’s 50th Episode

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Every week I dutifully download and listen to’s excellent podcast (affectionately known as The Propercast) hosted by Trevor Dann. The UK based Podcast is a mixture of interviews, live performances and panel reviews covering the specialist music (jazz, blues, country, folk, etc) distributed by Proper Music.

This weekend just gone the Podcast reached its 50th episode and to celebrate Trevor Dann put together a showcase of his favourite live performances from the series so far. We just had to share this very special show as it has some amazing live music from the likes of Paul Brady, Fay Hield & Hurricane Party, Madison Violet, Sam Lee, Seth Lakeman and many many more. Take a listen to/download the podcast below and then if you like what you hear make sure you subscribe to the Podcast to hear more great music every week.

For more information check out the Podcast page of The full list of tracks and artists featured on the 50th Propercast is below:

Pokey LaFarge – “Head To Toe”
Paul Brady – “Steel Claw”
Gretchen Peters – “Hello Cruel World”
Jennifer Crook – “Coming Down The Road”
Fay Hield & Hurricane Party – “Wicked Serpent”
Bap Kennedy – “Jimmy Sanchez”
Madison Violet – “If I Could Love You”
O’Hooley & Tidow – “Gentleman Jack”
State Of The Union – “Rent”
Karine Polwart – “Salter’s Road”
Patsy Matheson – “If You Ask Me”
Sam Lee – “Jew’s Garden”
Diana Jones – “High Atmosphere”
Seth Lakeman – “Blacksmith’s Prayer”
Dirt Daubers – “Get Outta My Way”
Brendan Power & Tim Edey – “Mountain Road/The Corkscrew”

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  1. August 31, 2012 at 15:22

    […] – Trevor Dann has racked up his 50th podcast with and it’s a killer – an hour of some of the best live music recorded by Dann and the team. If you don’t listen to the Propercast we reckon this is the perfect jumping on point. Details here […]

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