Listen to the Jinja Safari & Kinfe Collaboration From The Key Of Sea Vol. 2

Key of Sea
Image Courtesy of The Key of Sea

In 2010 The Key of Sea album was released featuring collaborations between Australian artists and international artists who had brought the music of their homelands with them when they had come to make a new life in Australia. The aim of the album was to change people’s perception on asylum seekers and refugees through the power of music and it resulted in some amazing songs.

The Key of Sea Vol. 2 will continue the work the first album began with a raft of Australian musicians teaming with new Australians to create some amazing and unique music. Due for release on the 19th October the album will feature tracks from Timber and Steel favourites including Jinja Safari, Paul Kelly, The Tiger and Me, Lanie Lane and many more.

Check out the full track listing below as well as a sneak peak at the Jinja Safari and Kinfe track “Silence of the Guns”:

1. Silence Of The Guns – Jinja Safari and Kinfe
2. The Boat – Paul Kelly and The Cambodian Space Project
3. Az Eshq Tho – The Tiger And Me and Murtaza Jafari
4. Lively Boys – Lanie Lane and Adam Starr
5. Fear Like You – Chet Faker and The Royal Swazi Spa
6. Come Along – Brous and Onur
7. Islands – Clubfeet and Alex Toumazos
8. Open Hands – Sietta and Sunameke
9. Open Your Heart – Dick Diver and Benjamin
10. Client JGT 683– Kim Salmon and Waleed Aly
11. Apuse – David Bridie and Hein Arumisore

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  1. August 31, 2012 at 15:22

    […] – The second Key of Sea album will hit stores on the 19th October featuring tracks from Jinja Safari, Paul Kelly, The Tiger and Me, Lanie Lane and many more. Details here […]

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