Artists For Sydney’s Folk Club This Wednesday 22nd August

Jack Carty
Image Courtesy of Jack Carty

I may have said too much. Last week I was invited to fill in as host for Folk Club at The Oxford Art Factory in Sydney and in a flurry of bright lights and an attentive audience I may just have revealed my man-crush on Jack Carty. Not only that, I may have also revealed I have a man-crush on Leroy Lee. Because both of them are playing Folk Club this week and, well, they’re just so dreamy.

Do I dare show my face at Folk Club this week? Will Jack Carty look at my compliments on his collection of Cosby-sweaters in the same way? Will Leroy Lee still let me ask him questions about how to string his banjo? The Falls are on tour with Passenger this week so Carty and Lee will be holding their own at Folk Club and both of them will be playing will full bands – which means I really really want to go. Maybe I can just skulk in the back and not show my face.

Folk Club takes place each week at The Oxford Art Factory’s Gallery Bar. The night kicks off around 8pm and is free (with tips for the artists greatly appreciated). For full details check out the official Facebook invite here.

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