Stream Vorn Doolette’s Long Awaited Sophomore Album

Image Courtesy of Vorn Doolette

I had a sinking feeling recently upon casting my mind back and reflecting on all of the albums that I’ve reviewed over the years with Timber and Steel and the relative ease with which I’ve defined, categorised, measured and summarised the music; the blood, sweat and tears of artists. Despite all the good intentions, diligence and research that could be expected from a blogger, it often feels as though we’re not qualified to evaluate the work of artists for such a large audience, particularly in this community where we often know the artist personally and we’re well aware of just how much of an artist goes into a record.

Despite how much I’ve been loving listening to Vorn Doolette’s Further Adventures, this feeling is particularly applicable to this record, Vorn Doolette‘s sophomore and first peep since his 2009 debut that earned him some pretty widespread acclaim throughout 09/10 and the unwavering attention and admiration of myself and the other Timber and Steel contributors.

A lot has happened to Vorn since his last release. He’s survived a near death car accident, learned to walk again, learned to sing again. He’s moved on to managing himself and moved away from the traditional practices of performing and touring; organising and ticketing his own shows in unconventional spaces such as his national house tour and his series of performances at Suzie Wong’s Room in Adelaide. It’s been a long and arduous process for Vorn to get to this point where he’s in the position to release another collection of songs, and he has been kind enough to let you stream it on this website (and is available to purchase from the this link).

I feel very privileged to discover this next instalment of music from one of Australia’s best up and coming singer songwriters, and I’ve been waiting for it for a long time.Given the number of amazing songs in Vorn‘s arsenal that didn’t make it onto this record, album #3 is set to be a cracker too.

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  1. August 3, 2012 at 16:07

    […] – Adelaide folky Vorn Doolette gave Timber and Steel an exclusive stream of his brand new album The Further Adventures of Vorn Doolette. Details here. […]

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