The Felice Brothers to Release Fund Raising Album

God Bless You Amigo
Image Courtesy of The Felice Brothers

Following on from a series of misfortunes including their house nearly being destroyed by a freak hurricane, the untimely death of their tour Winnebago, medical issues with their lead singer and busted equipment The Felice Brothers have found themselves in dire need of some extra funds. So they’ve done what they do best and have released a 20 track digital album to help bring them back into the black.

The album is titled God Bless You Amigo and is made up of traditional folk songs along with 12 new recordings. The Felice Brothers are selling what is essentially a double album for a measly US$5 via the web site and the proceeds will “go towards a new tour vehicle so that we can come and play your town, or enable us to go into a studio and record a new album (as we have a lot of new material), or to fix our amps”.

Head to to grab your copy today – and if you need a taster first is offering up the track “Lincoln Continental” as a free download here.

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  1. July 20, 2012 at 15:24

    […] – After a string of bad luck folk legends The Felice Brothers have found themselves in dire financial straits. To help them get back on the road and back into the studio you can purchase their brand new, 20 track digital album God Bless You Amigo. Details here. […]

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