Track By Track: Damascus, Faith Lee

Image Courtesy of Faith Lee

Following on from her wonderful singles “Life Long Friend” and “Golden Girl” Faith Lee has just released her debut EP Damascus. Recorded in the studios of legendary country singer Bill Chambers and mixed by Mark Myers (The Middle East), we’ve already been fairly forthcoming in our love for this EP.

We asked Faith to talk us through Damascus for our first ever Track By Track and this is what she had to say:

“Waiting for the Days” We played all the songs on Damascus live in the studio. I didn’t want to produce a product that was perfected and sounded like a recording; I wanted it to sound as if you were listening to my live show and so we thought what better way to achieve that then to play it live. “Waiting for the Days” was done in two takes, it’s funny because we were happy with the first take but decided to be on the safe side we’d do another. There was only one thing that made us go with the second take rather than the first – it’s almost stupid but if you listen closely you can hear the sound of the piano pedal being lifted off at the very end, it makes a bang that for some reason we loved.

“Golden Girl” I think “Golden Girl” is the hardest song for a listener to understand on the EP. This song is the only one that I felt didn’t come naturally, rather I worked it over a few weeks and had to almost force this one – but in a good way. I really enjoy this process more than the others as I actually felt like I had created a song rather than the song creating itself – that sounds strange but I find it more rewarding having to work on something that I feel is being perfected by me with each line I write rather then it flowing out of me in 20 minutes and having a song written that I am not sure I had anything to do with as it just came out. I had full control of this song and it took me weeks to write, therefore it’s hard to pinpoint what it is specifically about because every sentence has a different meaning that ties into a time and a situation in my life that I now know as “Golden Girl”. That’s vague I know – does it help if I tell you that I’m not the Golden Girl?

“Life Long Friend” “Life Long Friend” is the only song on the EP that is not written about a personal experience. I’m actually the least attached to this song out of them all I think, I just struggle to relate to it when I’m singing it even though I wrote it. You see, I wrote it one night after talking with a friend who was arguing with me about his ideas on life and woman and the statement “Life Long Friend” was thrown around somewhere in the conversation in regards to him having many love interests and whether it was okay – which then lead to me writing this song.

“I Could Not” This is the only track on Damascus that was not recorded at the Bill Chambers studios. We recorded some demos early 2011 and I guess we just felt that the demo had a lot more heart in it then than the studio version did. I think it was due to the timing of the recording and the idea behind this song was more relevant to me earlier in the year then it was in late September.

“Father” This is my favourite track on Damascus. This was the song that changed the most from beginning to end. It started as the most delicate little folk song and transformed to an intense Americana country tune. It’s a tricky song to play at a solo gig as the band is such a big part of this song, but even still it always reminds me of the more country version of myself and a side of me that is still very much a part of my music and I think comes out the most when I have a full band playing behind me.

Damascus is available from iTunes or CD Baby. Faith Lee will be launching the EP at The Vanguard in Sydney on the 12th August – tickets and details are here.


  1. July 13, 2012 at 15:20

    […] “We played all the songs on Damascus live in the studio. I didn’t want to produce a product that was perfected and sounded like a recording” – Faith Lee, Damascus. Track By Track here […]

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    […] is available from iTunes here. Check out our exclusive track-by-track of Damascus here. Share this:FacebookTwitterEmailLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

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