Sam Lee Announces New Album Ground Of Its Own

Sam Lee
Image Courtesy of Sam Lee

Sam Lee could well be the most exciting thing coming out of the English traditional music scene at the moment. Hailing from North London, Lee is taking traditional music out of the history books, dusting it off and moulding it into something very unique and new.

Sourcing most of his material direct from English Gypsy and Irish and Scottish traveller communities, Sam Lee has uncovered a wealth of music that features on his upcoming debut album Ground of Its Own. But rather than just present this music in it’s original form Lee, along with his band, has reinterpreted it pairing his Johnny Flynn-esque baritone with instruments like the cello, koto, jews harp, fiddle and more. The result is thoroughly modern music with a root deep in the tradition.

Ground of Its Own has a release date of 23rd July. Embedded below is a sampler of 3 tracks from the album including “The Ballad of George Collins”, “On Yonders Hill” and “Goodbye My Darling”:

If you like what you hear there’s also a wonderful interview (with some live performances) with Sam Lee on’s Propercast here.

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  1. July 13, 2012 at 15:20

    […] – Sam Lee is one of the most exciting young trad musicians coming out of the UK at the moment. Combining songs he has collected mostly from the Traveller and Gypsy communities with diverse instrumentation, sampling and modern arrangements, Lee has created something really unique on his new album Ground Of Its Own, which has just been given a release date of 23rd July. Details here. […]

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