Review: Georgia Fair, The Standard, Sydney

Georgia Fair
Image Courtesy of Catherine May

Georgia Fair with Dirt Farmer and Jack Carty
6 July 2012, The Standard

Georgia Fair have been working hard the past few years, building their reputation and releasing new music to a growing fan base. The duo’s current string of single launch parties are supposedly some of their last live shows for a while with the promise of a new album requiring some time away from the touring circuit.

Tonight’s show at The Standard saw the boys with two support acts. Whilst second act (and clearly friends of Georgia Fair) Dirt Farmer kept the energy levels up, it was opener Jack Carty who left the biggest impression. Soft acoustic guitar and simple lyrics about simple things – the reference to the Melbourne Indie Hipster scene in “Everything, Unhappily” quickly won my heart – had the crowd quietly listening along.

When Jordan and Ben took to the stage around 10:30pm, they were joined by Sophia on drums and Monty on bass. The band came and went throughout the hour long set but it was when the duo performed alone that the magic really happened.

Stemming from a one time bet, Ben began to play his clarinet whilst Jordan sang producing a surreal moment of clarinet folk brilliance. Each of the guys had their own stage presence that doesn’t always need a band behind it; Jordan emotes every lyric through his face whilst Ben performs with an almost dead-pan look, focusing on the sound he’s creating.

With the band back on stage there was a lovely instrumental into “Float Away”, before the audience got a bit chatty when Jordan had trouble fixing his guitar. To finish the set, Dirt Farmer returned to the stage for a “jam” – Jordan’s words – with a busy, energetic rendition of Queens of the Stone Age’s “Make It Wit’ ‘Chu” getting the packed room singing along.

Having only previously seen the boys as an unaccompanied duo, I have to say I still prefer them without a band. With or without them, it was a great hour-long set combining a range of new songs and old favourites and a show that should keep fans happy if there is to be a bit of a hiatus before their next tour.

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  1. July 13, 2012 at 15:21

    […] “It was a great hour-long set combining a range of new songs and old favourites and a show that should keep fans happy” – Georgia Fair, The Standard, Sydney. Review here […]

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