Faith Lee To Launch Debut EP

Faith Lee
Image Courtesy of Faith Lee

Every day I feel so privileged to be writing this blog. It means I get to occasionally peer behind the curtain and get a preview of some really exciting music before it hits the public’s ears – and when I can’t wait to for everyone else to hear it.

Just yesterday I was lucky enough to get an advanced listen to the debut EP from Faith Lee, due for release next week on the 9th July. And it’s absolutely magic. In 24 hours I’ve listen to it maybe 20 times? Really, I’ve lost count.

Two of the songs on the EP, “Life Long Friend” and “Golden Girl”, will be familiar to Timber and Steel readers (the videos were posted here and here) and rest of the tracks are equally as devine.

Faith Lee will be launching her new EP at The Vanguard in Sydney on the 12th August and will be her first headline show of the year. If you’re in Sydney we highly recommend you get down and see her and pick up a copy of the EP – full details of the launch show are on The Vanguard’s web site here.


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