Frank The Poet Compilation Album to be Launched June 1st & 2nd 2012

Image Courtesy of Stobie Sounds

Last year we introduced you to the “Banished Now From My Native Shore- The Verse of Frank The Poet” project. At that point we were very excited and optimistic about Stobie Sounds‘ concept of commissioning an album of songs written using the verse of early Australian convict and legendary poet Francis McNamara. Six months of hard work later, the album is almost ready to be launched, and it must be said that the end product promises to be worth the wait.

Stobie Sounds (a South Australian community Blues & Roots record label) have brought together contributions from some amazing artists who all found inspiration in Frank’s verse and provide a modern day interpretation of his words. Equally impressive is Stobie Sounds‘ committment to exploring Frank’s work and providing a truly wonderful product that anybody in their right mind would love to own. The album itself is presented in the covers of antique cloth-bound books with contributed essays and foreword by some of the premiere scholars and authors on the subject (along with copies of all the poems used in the project). You can pre-order the beautifully presented album here– and get in quick only 200 copies of these cloth-bound album-books are being produced.

The album will be launched over two nights (June 1st & 2nd, 2012) at the Wheatsheaf Hotel in Thebarton (Adelaide in South Australia) and promises to be a launch of epic propotions. Stobie Sounds have invited 16 artists to launch the album- playing songs from it and much more. Joining local folk artists such as Tom West, Todd Sibbin, The Timbers, A.P D’Antonio, Joe Man Murphy, Snooks La Vie, Cal Williams Jr and The Yearlings will be interstate guests Matt Walker, Sean McMahon, Jimmy Dowling, and Heath Cullen. Click here for full details and tickets.

Stay tuned for a review of the album.

1. Moreton Bay
The Yearlings
2. Labouring With The Hoe
Sean McMahon
3. For The Company Underground
Max Savage
and the False Idols
4. Jim Jones in Botany Bay
Heath Cullen
5. Bold Jack Donohoe
Matt Walker
6. Ballad of Martin Cash
Jeb Cardwell
7. A Dialogue Between Two Hibernians in Botany Bay
Nick Kipridis
8. McQuade’s Curse
Jimmy Dowling
9. Moreton Bay
Mia Dyson
10. Convict’s Tour to Hell
Tom West
11. The Ballad of Martin Cash
Cal Williams Jr
12. The Convict’s Arrival
The Teahouse Fire
13. Petition From The Chain Gang at Newcastle
Snooks La Vie
14. For The Company Underground
Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson

Bonus Disc

1. Bold Jack Donohoe
A.P. D’Antonio
2. Labouring With The Hoe
The Timbers
3. A Petition From The Chain Gang at Newcastle
Todd Sibbin
4. Moreton Bay
Joe Man Murphy
5. Seizure of The Cyprus Brig in Recherche Bay

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