An Australian Folk Song A Day on CD

An Australian Folk Song A Day
Image Courtesy of Cloudstreet

Last year on Australia Day John Thompson (Cloudstreet) picked up the gauntlet laid down by the UK’s Jon Boden and started the blog An Australian Folk Song a Day. The aim was to record and post a new Australian folk song every day for a year and with that year well and truly over we have the results: Thompson was able to upload 367 songs in 2011/12.

A big congratulations has to go to John Thompson for his tireless work on the project. Folk singers now have this wonderful online resource that not only houses the recordings but also lyrics and some background information as well – and it’s still proving popular with over 300 hits a day.

As an added bonus John Thompson is offering up a bunch of the recordings in MP3 and audio CD form. The two-disc MP3 set containing 287 songs (track listing here) while the audio CDs contain the recordings on a month-by-basis. The two-disc set is $50 and the individual month CDs are $10 each, with postage included in both costs.

To get your hands on these recordings follow this link.

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