The Falls Present Folk Club

Folk Club
Image Courtesy of The Falls

2011 was quite a big year for Sydney duo The Falls taking on the local music scene with their residency at The Hotel Hollywood, turning it into the city’s must-see live show each and every Wednesday night. And with 2012 well and truly underway fans of live and acoustic music are in for a treat as Wednesday’s at the Hollywood takes the next step in its evolution and becomes Folk Club.

The first rule of Folk Club is you don’t talk about Folk Club.

Well, actually, that’s not true. You should talk about Folk Club. You should get a big group of your friends together and get along, it’s going to be fantastic.

The bare bones of Wednesday Nights at the Hollywood are still there. Folk Club is still on on Wednesday nights and it’s still on at The Hotel Hollywood in Sydney’s Surry Hills. And The Falls will still be performing a set each and every week along with two other very talented artists.

But that’s where things start to get a little different. Each week there will be a “feature artist” (usually the artist chosen to perform the final set) who will be interviewed during their show by the night’s host, local actor Jason Crewes. This part of the show will be filmed and the audio recorded to be later turned into online videos and a Folk Club podcast. As the year progresses the online content from the shows will no doubt adapt and change but you’ll need to down at The Hollywood every Wednesday if you want to brag to your friends that you were there.

All sounds pretty exciting right? Now all you need is the information like where, when and who is first?

2012 is going to kick off this Wednesday 29th February with The Falls, Boy Outside and The Merri Creek Pickers. But the official launch of Folk Club is actually Wednesday 7th March which you should definitely get down to – Jack Carty and Jordan Lesser will be there. The March lineup (so far) is below:

Wed 7th March – Jack Carty + The Falls + Jordan Lesser
Wed 14th March – Maples + The Falls + Luke Webb
Wed 21st March – Little Bastards + The Falls + TBA
Wed 28th March – Patrick James + The Falls + TBA

For more information check out the official Folk Club Facebook page. And while you’re there friend The Falls so you get double to updates. And of course keep tuned to Timber and Steel where we’ll update you on all things Folk Club related.

“Man, I see in Folk Club the strongest and smartest musicians who’ve ever lived” – Tyler Durden

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