New Isaac Graham Video “Nomads”

Issac Graham
Image Courtesy of Issac Graham

I think we’ve worked out the difference between punk-folk and folk-punk. Punk-folk seems to be mainly folk songs done in a punk style (Dropkick Murphys spring to mind) whereas folk-punk seems to be music with a punk sensibility performed in a folk style. Sydney’s Isaac Graham falls firmly in the latter crafting perfectly subversive acoustic songs.

Graham’s new single, “Nomads”, has been given the music video treatment (which at first seems like live clip) shot at Blackwire Records in Annandale. He is also offering up “Nomads” as a free download from his Soundcloud site, which also includes a cover of NO-FX’s “Lori Meyers” as a B-side for the single.

Check out the video for “Nomads” below:

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