Radical Face Releases Video For “A Pound Of Flesh” (+ a short video history)

Image Courtesy of Radical Face

With the upcoming release of Radical Face‘s long awaited sophomore album The Family Tree: The Roots (follow this link for our album review) getting ever closer, it was inevitable that another brilliant, low budget video production from Ben Cooper would hit the internet- and here it is.

The next most recent video Radical Face released was from 2010’s Touch The Sky EP. Doorways was previously an instrumental released under Ben’s side project dedicated to sharing material that he didn’t want to release under his Radical Face moniker- which is called Patients. This has to be one of my favourite videos of his.

Also released in 2010 was Electric President‘s third, and I think most accomplished album as well. The title track “Violent Blue” was accompanied by this brilliant clip. Close the curtains and turn it up loud.

Although Ghosts was released in 2007, it seems as if the video for “Welcome Home” wasn’t released until 2009- at least according to youtube. Note the 6.5 million views.

This video is the first of a few videos that accompanied Electric President‘s 2008 record Sleep Well. This explanatory is a must see for any lover of the record.

This video was shot live in Ben Cooper’s home (shed) recording space and is very different to any other video he’s released.

This video for “It’s an Ugly Life” looks to be Ben Cooper’s first foray into the conventional music video. It’s interesting to note that Cooper has continued to work with the same director from this video to the most recent “A Pound Of Flesh”.

This video, released by Morr Music, is a far cry from the videos you see being released by Electric President and Radical Face these days, but nonetheless, this is where it all started- Electric President‘s self titled 2006 record. Enjoy, and buy the new record.

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