Daddy Sang Bass: A Father’s Day Playlist

Father and Son

Despite the fact that Father’s Day was probably contrived to sell more greeting cards we thought it would be the perfect excuse to pull out some of favourite Dad-related folk music and put together some sort of playlist. While there are countless folk musicians with father issues out there (Martha Wainwright, Harry Chapin, etc) we thought we’d try and opt for songs that try and celebrate what it is to be a father or what it is to have a father. And what better place to begin than with Mr Johnny Cash himself with “Daddy Sang Bass”. Happy Father’s Day everyone:

“Daddy Sang Bass” – Johnny Cash

“Father and Son” – Cat Stevens
There’s no way we could do a folky Father’s Day list without this classic Cat Stevens number.

“Father’s Day” – Weddings Parties Anything

“Daughter” – Loudon Wainwright III
For a man who’s borne the brunt of one of the most famous anti-father songs in recent folk music history Loudon Wainwright III has paradoxically written a number of songs about how much he loves being a father. Our favourite is “Daughter” which was featured at the end of the film Knocked Up.

“My Old Man” – Ewan MacColl

“When I First Met Your Ma” – Paul Kelly
No Australian Father’s Day playlist would be complete without this Paul Kelly classic.

“Talking With My Father” – Dougie MacLean

“Old Man” – Neil Young

“Papa” – The Waifs

“Oh Daddy” – Fleetwood Mac

“Peaches & Cream” – John Butler Trio
When John Butler became a father it apparently completely changed his priorities and the result was the tribute to his daughter Banjo.

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