Jordie Lane’s “Not From Round Here” Video

Jordie Lane

Having just released the amazing album Blood Thinner (reviewed here) the next obvious step for singer-songwriter Jordie Lane was to put together a video for the first single “Not From Round Here”. Which is exactly what he’s done.

Directed by newcomer Darius Devas and shot in Northern NSW, “Not From Round Here” once again features Lane torching a perfectly good guitar (something he did in tribute to Gram Parsons in this mini-documentary). Two guitars in the space of two videos – a more psychologically inclined blog than ours may point out a pattern of anti-social behaviour here. But we’re not psychologically inclined, we’re folkily inclined and on that score both the track and the video for “Not From Round Here” are absolutely wonderful. Watch it below:

There’s still a chance to catch Jodie Lane on his current Australian tour supporting Blood Thinner – the full tour dates are here.

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  1. October 6, 2011 at 16:04

    […] Marie” was recorded live during some downtime on the shoot for Lane’s previous video “Not From Round Here”. It captures a wonderful, intimate moment from the Melbourne singer-songwriter filmed by Darius […]

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