New Mumford and Sons Track Surfaces Online

Mumford and Sons
Image Courtesy of Mumford and Sons

We think the world must be thirsty for brand new Mumford and Sons music – anytime we put the words “Mumford” and “New” in the title of an article its page views go through the roof.

It’s been a while since any quality recordings of new Mumford and Sons tracks have surfaced online (the last one we reported was “Lovers Eyes” in April) but we have an absolute cracker for you today. The boys have recorded an untitled track for Colorado radio station KBCO which has already been dubbed “Home” by online fans (you’ll see why). We’ve embedded the high quality recording below:

Will “Home” make the cut for the new album? It’s reportedly very popular at Mumford and Sons shows so there’s a good chance. As usual you’ll hear more about the new album as soon as we do.

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  1. July 8, 2011 at 02:53

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