The Best of Glastonbury 2011

Bellowhead At Glasonbury
Image Courtesy of Folk Radio UK

We’ve had some absolutely amazing festival lineups in Australia over the years but its very easy to cast your eyes overseas, especially to the UK and US, and feel a little bit jealous of just how good they’ve got it. Case in point was this year’s Glastonbury Festival which not only finally had great weather (no mud baths this time!) but also sported a lineup you’d give a kidney to see here in Australia.

The BBC managed to capture many of the performances from the weekend to be streamed from their official Glastonbury web site but sadly those streams are only available if you live in the UK (or if, y’know, you have a UK proxy server), something that’s frustrating for fans here in Australia. But as luck would have it the BBC have very kindly let a few key performances (like the Mumford and Sons one from a couple of days ago) slip quietly onto YouTube for all the word to see.

We thought we’d assemble our favourite videos from the collection available to view outside of the UK all in one place just for you (sadly it’s not as extensive as what our empirical forefathers can see). Along with the Mumford and Sons video check out songs from Bellowhead, Laura Marling, Paul Simon, Noah and the Whale and Fleet Foxes below:

Mumford and Sons – “Roll Away Your Stone”

Bellowhead – “New York Girls”

Laura Marling – “Rambling Man”

Paul Simon – “So Beautiful Or So What”

Noah and the Whale – “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.”

Fleet Foxes – “Sim Sala Bim”

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