Ado Barker Releases Solo Album

Ado Barker Between Up and Down
Image Courtesy of Ado Barker

I credit Trouble in the Kitchen with reigniting my love of traditional music when I first stumbled across them at the 1999 National Folk Festival. Twelve years on and Trouble in the Kitchen are regarded as the premiere trad group in Australia and held up as the band all others are compared to.

So I was a little disappointed that Trouble in the Kitchen didn’t make an appearance at this year’s National Folk Festival (they were there last year and the Festival tends not to showcase the same bands twice in a row). Luckily the group’s fiddle player, Ado Barker, took the opportunity to launch his debut solo album Between Up and Down.

Between Up and Down is a wonderful collection of songs and fiddle tunes and sees Barker collaborating with Dublin bouzouki player Ruairi McGorman. Ado Barker has already launched the album in Melbourne and Sydney so but his show at the National has no doubt brought it to the attention of a wider audience. The cover art for Between Up and Down is above and you can listen to some of the tracks (and contact Ado to order it) via his MySpace.

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