Shut The Folk Up! Artsits for April

Timber and Steel
Image Courtesy of Timber and Steel

If you’re a regular reader of Timber and Steel or you’ve at least glanced at our About section you probably think you know this story already. The truth is you only know half. The part you all know, the part we tell you about, is that back in the mists of 2008 Evan Hughes and Macka Jay found themselves at a tiny Sydney show featuring Laura Marling and Marcus Mumford. The official bio goes on to say that this show, and the rise in popularity of both artists, led to the creation of this very blog.

But between the Marling/Mumford gig (August 2008) and the creation of Timber and Steel the blog (May 2010) there is a two year gap that has never really been accounted for. Because you may not realise this but before we decided to write about folk music we actually attempted to play it. Before Timber and Steel the blog was Timber and Steel the band.

And that very band is making their Sydney public debut at this month’s Shut The Folk Up!, our favourite little folk club. Shut The Folk Up! is held at the Hive Bar in Erskineville on the last Thursday of every month with April’s edition taking place on the 28th.

Along with Timber and Steel the night will feature performances from Annaliesse Monaro and Pat Drummond, poetry from Brent Harpur and the awesome talents of our favourite local singer-songwriter Jack Carty.

Entry is free with the fun beginning at 7:30pm. If you’re in Sydney and free on Thursday the 28th April then make your way down to Hive Bar for some of Sydney’s best folk at Shut The Folk Up! – you never know, in two years time you may be saying how you once saw Timber and Steel perform an intimate show before they were famous. Just saying.

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