Wednesday Nights At The Hotel Hollywood, Sydney

The Falls
Image Courtesy of The Falls

Sydney readers are probably well aware by now that one of the best venues for folk and acoustic music, The Raval, is closing. We’ve seen countless blog posts and had numerous conversations with artists about what this means for live music, and more specifically folk music, in Sydney, but as always we’ve had faith that another venue would rise up to fill the gap left by The Raval’s demise.

And wouldn’t you know it, it’s already begun. Sydney folk duo The Falls have picked up the live music baton and are running with it, hosting a weekly night of nu-folk/alt-country/melodramatic pop for free at the Hotel Hollywood, Surry Hills (literally a block from The Raval). The night will take place every Wednesday and will feature a performance by The Falls along with special guests including some of the the best local, national and international folk acts going around.

If you live in Sydney and are sick of the state of live music there then you should get down to the Hotel Hollywood this Wednesday and every Wednesday to show your support. It’s free – it’s not like you have any excuse.

Upcoming shows at The Falls’ Hotel Hollywood night include:

Wednesday 30th March – The Falls, Hello Vera, Achoo! Bless You
Wednesday 6th April – The Falls, Paul Aiden (UK), Atlas B Salvesen
Wednesday 13th April – The Falls, Jack Carty, Andrew Morris (QLD)
Wednesday 20th April – The Falls, The Green Mohair Suits, Danny Widdicombe (QLD)

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