New DeVotchKa Album “100 Lovers” Leaked

Image courtesy of DeVotchKa

DeVotchKa are one of the most exciting acts in world music today. Their blend of traditional gypsy and Mediterranean sounds with modern indie-rock and folk has brought them a lot of attention in recent years; a little too much for their own good, as it happens. The Americans were set to release their first album since their 2008 offering A Mad & Faithful Telling on March 1st, but an entire month pre-maturely- has leaked the album for download via this link. If you’re a fan of Beirut or burlesque (DeVotchKa often play as a backing band for burlesque shows), it’s definitely worth looking into these guys. They’ve released some fantastic albums in the last 10 years, including the score to the film “Little Miss Sunshine”, where Sufjan Stevens got his first taste of indie stardom.

Speaking of high profile album leaks; one of the most anticipated albums so far this year in America was leaked a couple of days ago as well. Barton Hollow– the debut album from The Civil Wars is tipped to be a masterstroke from the indie folk two-piece whose debut EP Poison & Wine and their free live release have blown them up in a frenzy of hype. have the album for download here, or you can go to their myspace and just download the new single ethically and legally.

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