Spotlight On: Seldom Party

Seldom Party
Image Courtesy of Seldom Party

Many people may not know this but Timber and Steel was in part conceived in Central Australia. Two of the founders, Macka James and myself (Evan Hughes) have at times lived and played acoustic and folk music in Alice Springs (and will once again be making an appearance at this year’s Top Half Folk Festival). Many of our family and friends also have strong connections to the Central Australian music scene and can attest to just how vibrant and diverse it is despite the obvious isolation.

And it’s amazing how many people make find themselves in Central Australia and are inspired to create. Take Will Kendrew for instance. Originally from the UK Kendrew escaped the drabness of London and, after brief stints in Hong Kong and Melbourne, found himself in the tiny community of Yuendumu, 250Kms North West of Alice Springs. It was here he began the Seldom Party project, part blog, part musical experiment and part performance piece.

Seldom Party is anything but conventional. The remoteness of Yuendumu has meant Kendrew has had to adapt his musical output to fit the mediums provided to him by the world wide web. His music is distributed via his MySpace and Blog. Collaborations, recording, remixes and even artwork is all sourced and managed online. Even his gigs are recorded in his garden (known simply as “Garden Gigs“) and then posted to his site to be watched by the world.

Will Kendrew’s background may be in rock (he played in a number of bands in the UK before making the move across the world) but for the Seldom Party project he is definitely channeling his folky side. Seldom Party’s recorded music (found via MySpace) is a beautiful foray into ethereal, striped back, electronic folk featuring Kendrew’s fingerpicked electric guitar coupled with his echoing vocals and looping instrumentation. His sound is reminiscent of Bon Iver or Matt Corby and, despite still being in demo form, is a joy to listen to. The live work is a little more rough around the edges and focused more on the instrumental side of the music (see the Garden Gig video below) but given the limitations placed on Seldom Party by his location it’s still well worth a listen.

Seldom Party is promising an EP in February of this year, most likely distributed directly by Kendrew via the website. He also gigs occasionally around the NT and South Australia although most of Seldom Party’s live performances are likely to take place in his backyard via the internet. We recommend you head to the Seldom Party MySpace, have a listen to the tracks available there and if you like what you here reach out to Will Kendrew for more.

Country of Origin: Australia (Yuendumu), via the UK
Sounds Like: Bon Iver got lost in the desert
File Under: Nu-Folk

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