Interview: 5 Minutes at Woodford with Kim Churchill

Kim Churchill
Image Courtesy of KT Bell

Kim Churchill took 5 minutes to talk to Timber and Steel contributers KT Bell and Miladyred, mere moments after playing to several thousand people in his last show at the Woodford Folk Festival and leading them in singing along with his song “Loving Home”

Timber and Steel: Here we are at Woodford with Kim Churchill. You said on stage that this was the one of the largest crowds you had and you hadn’t had a chance previously with a big crowd to get them to sing along with you – how did that feel?
Kim Churchill: Oh that was amazing. I mean I’ve had big crowds like that before but not the vibe that I personally feel confident enough to try something like that. I’m more of an introverted person and getting everyone to sing along is sort of a scary moment but it happened and it worked and I’m really happy.
T&S: Part of the joy of crowds at Woodford can be the challenge in stopping them singing along rather than the reverse
KC: Yes, very much so – it’s why I figured it was the best place to try this out.
T&S: What was the song name?
KC: “Loving Home”
T&S: Fantastic! We were singing along! Now was it Tom Richardson who joined you onstage?
KC: yes it was! Tom has his own projects which are just great! Check him out. He played Woodford last year and we always jam together whenever we get the chance
T&S: Brilliant, we’ll keep an eye out for him! So you’re racing from here to Peats Ridge and you’ve got the new EP
KC: Yes
T&S: What does 2011 hold for you?
KC: A lot of overseas stuff. We’re going to be touring the US, England and Canada, a lot of gigs in Canada and recording, a lot of recording. We should have a new EP out mid year and a brand new album for next Summer.
T&S: Thanks for talking to us
KC: Lovely to meet you!


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