Interview: 5 Minutes at Woodford with Jeff Lang

Jeff Lang
Image Courtesy of KT Bell

Timber and Steel contributor Miladyred caught up with Jeff Lang after his last show at the 2010/2011 Woodford Folk Festival

Miladyred: Thanks for talking to Timber and Steel Jeff. You’ve just walked off a blistering last show and about to do a signing, how has Woodford been for you so far?
Jeff Lang: It’s a great festival. I always enjoy it. These sort of festivals are mighty because you’ve all got all these people and the only reason they’re here is because they love live performances of some kind. You’ve got new ears to play to who are open to pick up on something new and then there are people who maybe don’t get a chance to see you that often and they get a chance to see you all in one place. It’s always a good vibe.
MLR: Now it’s been a bit of a big year with Chimeradour nominated for best Blues n Roots album and your Djan Djan album winning the Best World Music Album ARIA.
JL: Yes it’s been nice to get that satisfying acknowledgement
MLR: So you’ll go from Woodford to the Thredbo Blues Festival in January. What else does 2011 hold for you?
JL: Well there’ll be some more overseas touring, I’m writing some more songs so at some point I’ll do another album. I’m in the still of writing new material so we’ll see when that happens but I’ll be hoping that sometime around the middle of the year or the second half of the year, I’ll be getting a new album out.
MLR: Timber and Steel are very big supporters of up and coming acts, much like yourself. Is there anyone in particular you’d suggest we keep our eye on?
JL: Oh god, there’s so many! Liz Stringer is fantastic. Jordie Lane is great. These are great songwriters straight away. Chris Altmann, Suzannah Espie, Lindsay Phillips – I was just listening to his album the other day.
MLR: Australia is really the place to be in terms of this resurgence for blues and roots
JL: I’m thinking in terms of song writing, people who are really writing great songs, there’s a lot of really really fresh songwriting talent out there and it’s great.
MLR: With touring internationally as much as you do, have you found it amazing that the world audiences are as open to Australian stories, given the very Australian voice your songs have?
JL: I guess so, it’s not something I set out to do. I don’t set out to make sure that what I do is overtly Australian. It’s just stories that come to me, story songs. I think people are open enough to it. I feel if you something a bit of heart and soul, passion and you try and take people with you on a journey, people will be open to it and if they’re not, well they’re not.
MLR: Jeff Lang, thank you very much.
JL: My pleasure, thanks for chatting.

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