Spotlight On: Micah P. Hinson

Micah P Hinson
Image Courtesy of Micah P. Hinson

It’s amazing how some artists just sound like they’ve been singing for a hundred years even though they’re relatively new on the scene. Johnny Flynn is one such artist that springs to mind. CW Stoneking is another. Their voices just seem timeless despite their relative youth. Well another name can be added to that list – the incomparable talent that is Micah P. Hinson.

Hailing from Texas in the US Micah P. Hinson is all about down and dirty traditional American country music. Hinson is a musician who is not afraid to release his inner twang, deftly blending bluegrass, folk and contemporary country music to give his sound an ageless quality. The babyfaced 29 year old could probably pass for an indie rocker with his thick rimmed glasses and plaid shirts but the minute he opens his mouth to sing you’re transported to the rural american south and all preconceptions are left behind.

Hinson’s timeless voice may be a result of just how much of a life he’s already lived. Addicted to painkillers as a teenager, Hinson had already done a stint in jail, was bankrupt and living in a hotel by the age of 20. His first album, 2004’s …And The Gospel Of Progress gained critical acclaim but led to a further dalliance with prescription medication after he dislocated a vertebrae around the time of its release.

Six years on and Hinson is back on track both musically and personally. Now six albums into his career (…And the Pioneer Saboteurs was released this year) you can still hear the hardship in his voice, the melancholy and pain that other country artists can only pretend to understand. Micah P. Hinson is a true talent of real American country music.

Rumours are that Hinson will be in Australia in 2011 to promote …And the Pioneer Saboteurs and if there’s any justice in the world his shows should sell out across the country. But while we wait for the official tour announcement you’ll have to make do with exploring Hinson’s amazing back catalogue.

Country of Origin: USA
Sounds Like: The love child of Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash
File Under: Country
Official Site:


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