Review: “1+1” – Owl Eyes

Owl Eyes
Image Courtesy of Owl Eyes

Since it disappeared from our screens Australian Idol seems to have shifted from cultural-cringe to a well of musical talent. Lisa Mitchell and Matt Corby are the obvious standouts from the show but other ex-contestants are starting the shrug off the reality TV shackles and make their way onto our radios and into our local venues.

One such singer to emerge from Idol is Owl Eyes, otherwise known as Melbourne singer Brooke Addamo. Owl Eyes is currently doing her best to break into the music scene proper and critics and industry insiders are starting to sit up and take notice.

I was lucky enough to get my hot little hands on Owl Eyes’ new song “1+1” and it’s an absolute indie-pop gem. Reminiscent of early Kate Nash (before she decided she wanted to be Lily Allen) or a gutsier Lisa Mitchell, “1+1” has all the essential elements needed to wow the hipster crowd. Cute melodies, angelic harmonisation and breathy lyrics combine with a syncopated beat and tinkling piano to instantly hook you in.

In a country obsessed with the likes of Lisa Mitchell, Julia Stone and Sarah Blasko it’s very easy to see how a song like “1+1” from an artist like Owl Eyes has a chance of capturing our hearts. Addamo’s voice is distinct enough to distinguish her from her peers yet familiar enough to build a strong following. If “1+1” is anything to go by then Owl Eyes may be a name to remember.

To listen to “1+1” for yourself head to the Owl Eyes MySpace.


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