Winter Gets Folked

The Preachers
Image Courtesy of The Preachers

Just because the skies are gray and the temperature outside is hovering somewhere close to freezing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be heading out and seeing some fantastic live music. If you live in Sydney the best way to beat the winter cold is to watch some of the hottest local and national acts at The Winterland Festival.

The Winterland Festival starts today and goes until the end of the month at Carriageworks. Over those four weeks over 100 local and emerging artists will be taking to the stage on Thursdays and Saturdays for a series of free concerts. There’ll also be ice skating, market stalls and arts events throughout the entire time.

Head over to The Winterland Festival site for more details or check out our picks for the best nights for folk music fans:

Thursday 8th July – The Lurkers, Wil Massey and The Ghost Trio, Charlie Trindall and The Preachers.
Thursday 15th July – Leroy Lee, Kate Duffy, Frontiers in Photography, Quiet Titans and Rosie Catalano.
Saturday 17th July (afternoon) – Eddie Bronson Trio and Urban Excentrics.
Saturday 17th July (evening) – Ray Mann, The Slowdowns, Stiff Gins, The Delroys and The Anon Anons
Saturday 24th July (afternoon) – Portable Junk, Ngaratya, Nadeena Dixon, Melodie Nelson and Ryan Nicolussi

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  1. October 14, 2013 at 14:23

    […] including Emma Louise, Gossling, Grizzly Bear, Neil Finn, The Cat Empire, The Paper Kites, The Preachers and a whole lot more that we’d love to check out live. For the full line up, visit the […]

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