Review: Basement Birds, Bundle One

Image Courtesy of iTunes

When I first heard that Kevin Mitchell (Bob Evans, Jebediah), Josh Pyke, Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe) and Steve Parkin would be collaborating for their Basement Birds project I got pretty excited. I’d been a huge fan of both Josh Pyke and Kevin Mitchell’s folk-infused solo work for some time and it seemed likely that the supergroup would exhibit many of the same influences.

When the first single, “Waiting For You”, was released it looked as though my excitement was well founded. The song was catchy, poppy and had a great folky undertone – just what I had expected.

Then last week the group released the first bundle of tracks from their upcoming album. The bundle consisted of 3 songs from the group (“Skin of the Sky”, “Reasons” and “Bus Stop”), each a little gem in it’s own right.

“Skin of the Sky” opens with a catchy line whistled over a strummed guitar. Each of the boys’ unique voices are featured on the track and the harmonies are perfectly pitched throughout. This is probably the most radio friendly of the 3 songs in the bundle so don’t be surprised to hear it on the airwaves soon if it isn’t there already.

With “Reasons” I was intially a little worried that Kav Temperley’s rock voice wouldn’t transfer to the folk genre as well as those of his band mates. But while the Eskimo Joe lead singer’s unique warble is ever present on this track it fits nicely with the overall tone. It’s obvious “Reasons” was born out of late night acoustic jam sessions and there’s definitely a sense of fun here.

“Bus Stop” is by far my favourite song of the bundle. Featuring the pixie-voiced backing vocals of Julia Stone “Bus Stop” is pure folk-pop goodness. Josh Pyke and Kevin Mitchell (I’m never sure whether I’m meant to call him Bob Evans when he’s not singing with Jebediah) duel perfectly with Stone as they tell the tale of a girl who won’t return their calls (the apparent reason is that she’s “never been too good with numbers”). Of all three tracks this is the one I repeated several times upon first listen and the one I have played to my friends.

Overall a very promising opening play from the Basement Birds. Each of their future bundles will be taken from different recording sessions so may well have completely different sounds to this one, but we can expect solid work from the boys here on in.

And before you go and download the tracks check out this “guerilla gig” the boys did for Channel [V] in Bondi Junction over the weekend:


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    July 17, 2010 at 19:54

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